Ryan Schultz, Attorney at the Lea/Schultz Law Firm gives a brief overview of Domestic Law in North Carolina

Here are some topics you may want to discuss during your initial consultation with a family law or divorce attorney. You an reach out to us here for a consultation.

  • Child Custody vs Child Support
  • Alimony – What are the factors that go into awarding permanent alimony?
  • Post Separation Support (pre alimony) – When everything is in flux during a separation and a dependent spouse may be entitled to temporary support.
  • What happens to my stuff? Tangible property? Intangible property?
  • Injunctions and restraining orders such as financial or banking accounts that one part has control of that you don’t want to see disappear.

If you are facing a complex divorce, legal separation or other family law issue, it is vital to have an attorney on your side who understands the challenges involved — legally, financially and emotionally.

At this difficult time in your life, your relationship with your lawyer can be one of the most important. Experience tells us that these strong relationships lead to more favorable outcomes. That is why we keep our caseload small and only working with clients with whom we feel a rapport. You an reach out to us here for a consultation.