Ryan Schultz, partner at Lea/Schultz Law Firm in Wilmington, NC discusses how to prepare for court.


Ryan B Schulz from the Lea Law Firm in Wilmington NC discusses how to prepare for court.

What should you expect?

Dress “quasi Church” or as if you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time. Keep it conservative, if you are not a “tie person” be sure to add a blazer. Make sure your shirt has a collar and/or button up.

No jeans, no t-shirts, no jorts!

When you get to court, Judges will take role and call the cases for the day. The judge may invite counsel back to chambers to see if there are any last second issues before trying your case or giving another shot at negotiating.

It can be a lot of sitting and waiting during your day in court with your Attorney possibly coming in and out to ask you questions. Prepare yourself.

Tips for how to behave during your day in court.

You are on trial from the moment you enter the court room. Judges are making assumptions (they are human after all). Remember to laugh when appropriate or cry when appropriate. Stay fairly stoic. Try not to “talk back” or “lose your cool” when you are spoken to. And most importantly, listen to your attorney!

The Judge and/or Jury will be watching how…

  • you interact with the Court’s Staff
  • you interact with the bailiff
  • whether you turn your phone off
  • how well you follow directions
  • how your family is dressed and how they interact if they are present

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