NC Child Support Overview

According to Attorney Ryan Schultz, child support in North Carolina is deceptively complex because of all the exceptions in North Carolina.

This video gives an overview of North Carolina Child Support and answers the questions:

  • How is support calculated?
  • Is there any value in online payment calculators?
  • What are some of the exceptions?

Some Takeaways from Ryan’s Video:

  • Child Support in NC is based upon gross income
  • Online child support calculators are a good way to ballpark what your support number would be.
  • Gross income is what you would make before taxes and affected by 401k deductions, lottery winnings, adjustments like who pays insurance, child care, etc. If you’re looking for a job, extraordinary expense such as private school or retrofitting a van for a special needs child.
  • If someone is purposefully avoiding paying child support in bad faith because they “lost their job” or “taking a sabbatical” North Carolina will still make them pay support based on wages they used to have.
  • You can’t prevent your former spouse from seeing the child if they have not paid child support.