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Mediation, or structured negotiation, provides an alternative to traditional divorce negotiations and court disputes. Conducted in a private setting, divorce mediators work with both spouses to reach an agreement that works for their unique situation, rather than relying on what the courts decide for them. An experianced lawyer provides you with the edge you need to control the negotiation, rather than the negotiation controlling you.

In North Carolina, mediation is required before trial for certain family law issues, such as for child custody and equitable distribution. However, it is in your best interests to consider this option beforehand to save emotional and financial expense. Make no mistake, the terms agreed to at the negotiating table are long lasting. Equipping yourself with a team that has the skills to fight for your rights and the talent to explain exactly how they are doing it is essential to a great outcome.

The attorney’s of the Lea/Schultz Law Firm have been providing sound legal advice and personal service for decades. During your case, James or Ryan:

  • Explain procedures and rules
  • Prepare you for mediation sessions
  • Answer your questions
  • Offer solutions that custom craft a solution to what property you want at the end of the day
  • Analyze information provided by opposing counsel or gathered during the discovery process
  • Review and advise on proposed agreements
  • Prepare divorce papers after an agreement is reached

At The Lea/Schultz Law Firm, P.C., we are experienced professionals who provide divorce mediation services to clients for a variety of matters, including child support, property division and alimony. We will meet with you to understand your situation, explain the mediation process and help you to determine if it is the right option for you.

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