Careful estate and trust planning protects you, your family and your assets. In no other area of the law is the government so eager to take their hand and reach it into your family’s hard earned money. Whether you are entering your retirement years, launching your professional career or a commercial enterprise, or are in the accumulation and wealth building stage of life; proper estate planning safeguards you and your family.

No one wants to think about it, but without an estate plan in place, unexpected and sometimes tragic events can quickly decimate a lifetime of accomplishments leaving those you love and your business at risk. The last thing you want to think about during a time of crisis is whether or not the second rate document you printed of the Internet will hold up in court.

At Lea/Schultz, we represent clients from all walks of life: retirees seeking gain piece of mind, dual income households concerned about what will happen in the event of unexpected loss, the elderly, and entrepreneurs and owners of closely held businesses and clients who require sophisticated legal strategies. Our estate planning services range from tax minimization and wealth preservation to laying the groundwork for smooth intestate and business succession, and arranging contingency plans for medical and financial decision-making.

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