Your business is more than just your work, it is your livelihood. At Lea/Schultz we solve business problems. We solve problems by doing the things you cannot get from do-it-yourself litigation guides and online resources. When your livelihood is on the line, you want litigators that have been there before, and know the lost art that is litigation. Lea/Schultz has litigated and negotiated hundreds of cases and put our clients back in the drivers seat.

No one want to be sued, or have to sue to enforce a promise. Lea/Schultz puts the business in business ligation. Nimble across a wide range of business sectors, including, technology, corporate franchise, biotech and mom-and-pop success stories — Lea/Schultz is no stranger to mission critical litigation.

James W. Lea and Ryan Schultz are prepared to handle the most complex cases. They are accomplished trial attorney’s who, along with our firm’s skilled paralegals, will zealously and aggressively represent your interests.

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